Saturday, 20 June 2009

Behind the scenes

This is behind the scenes of the video, where everyone looks better than me :-S


Thursday, 5 March 2009

What was you thinking!? Instalment 2

LOL EEEEEWWWWWWWWWW that is a serious crack problem! But what was he thinking not wearing a belt. And further more y no under wear!!!!!!!!!
I could write my name on each cheek! Flamer Flames right there! STRAIGHT FAIL!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I Duz this!!!! Mic Fight Freestyle

I came across an Old freestyle. Very old 4 a mix tape. But I love it. Awwwww memories.

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REDEMPTION! The begining of pest wars

OK so you know I was the topic of the 1st instalment of bitch move of the month!
Well to all those who laughed ha ha ha. I got my nuts back!

That's right redemption mofo's!

I was there chilling in my room, staying out the way. After not getting rid of the dead mouse, I had no respect 4 my self, and no one had any 4 me either. (understandably)

So I'm minding my own business, I get up to go to the kitchen and I see another mouse just staring @ me. That's right not even the mouse had any fear of me. But as I said b4, I was not scared of mice alive. This was no exception. So I moved quick with the speed, like an African hunter with spear in hand. (actually it was not a spear, it was a tin in my hand.)
So this mouse obviously had found my nuts and had surgery to connect them to its self. Because it was there chilling. I'm slowly moving closer.So still in hunter mode I went from slow moving to the one swift move that in trapped the mouse. So now i needed help to keep the mouse in trapped. After a lot of shrieking from one of my flat mates the mouse was captured in the tin.

My other flat mate was like are u sure you caught the mouse? So I shook the tin. They all screamed! I laughed. The reason I laughed cause I got my nuts back! I put the tin in a bag and tied it tight! That is right, i suffocated that bas-tad!
I took it down to the main road and dashed that in the dumpster!4 the rest of night I was proud of myself! Calling everyone about my bravery :)

I was 2 fast! :(

There was more of them. That night all I could hear was little feet running across the wood floor, Chewing on cement and squeaking! I got no sleep

Oh trust me its war!

Monday, 23 February 2009

I Duz this!: Bag of hurt

Ok so here is a tune with one top Mc and and family member English Kid.

I love this tune!

For more big tunes, Check my Myspace- or English Kids myspace-

Thursday, 19 February 2009

BITCH MOVE OF THE MONTH : The mouse that ate my manhood!

OK so Finally we have a bitch move of the month.
The person who is behind this 1st instalment is......
... me.
Yes that's right, I am the guy who is that bitch!
Now with most things I'm a man about my shit! But with a few things I am not. Here's the list,
  • Spiders
  • (Big) snakes
  • Cock Roaches
  • Rats
  • Hairy women
So I'm @ home in my room chilling minding my own business. Them I hear this shriek from the other room.
Then I come out of my room all brave n fearless like super man.

I Ask whats wrong. I get told that there is a mouse in the house. So we proceed to get mouse traps.

Now I live in a house with just me and three ladies. So they are all shook, I'm like, whats all the hollering 4? its minor it ain't no rat! (I'm thinking this in my mind.) So I proceed to put the traps around the kitchen where the mouse was spotted. Doing it like a soldier, putting the traps round little corners I cant even see properly. So that's all said and done, I go about my business. All the hollering is done. Everything is calm... Dinner time approaches andI go to the kitchen. My house mate who is the most scared of all goes "did you move the trap"? I reply "nope"! "Well its not in the same place u put it". She continues. So I go take a look...

This is where the bitch in me kick's in. I C the mouse in the trap!Now don't get it twisted. The mouse doesn't scare me....

....when there alive. I will chase you round the house like I'm gunna have u 4 dinner. But seeing it life less, neck snapped was a bit morbid. All flimsy and ting.

So when it came time to dispose of the dead roadent I couldn't do it! Yes that's Right I Bitched out! The females in my house where looking @ me in disgust. I could see it in there eyes the look of ...your the man of the house....
... still couldn't do it. Even with the look they was given me. (I think @ that momment I got called a pussy! Not sure) So now one of my flat mates decides to get the courage, cause someones got to do it. So there I am in my room feeling like a BITCH! So my sub conscience goes come on bruv, You gunna let these girls punk you! So I come out of my room and say OK I'll do it.
Already on her knees just about to dispose of the dead sumting, with out looking up I get the reply. "Its to late mate just go back to your room"! (In the back ground I Hear the word coward thrown out. Im not sure if it was directed @ me...)

So i go back to my room, to go to proceed to search 4 my Manhood.

Bitch move of the month goes to... ME Yea! :(